Global Construction 2030

“By 2050, there’ll be 2 billion additional city dwellers — sustainable urbanization will be a major construction challenge and the industry must strive to find innovative new products and solutions, to contribute to building better cities,” says Bruno Lafont, Chairman and Chief Executive of global building products Lafarge. I recently came across a very informative… Continue reading Global Construction 2030

Top 10 Trends in the AEC Industry

We know construction is cool and with whatever is happening in the AEC industry, we bet you will find it cool too. From Augmented reality to 3D scanning and printing, we are rounding up the top 10 trends that we think will transform the brick and mortar industry sooner than you think. 1) 3D Laser… Continue reading Top 10 Trends in the AEC Industry

BIM: A Quest to Digitize Construction

If you are in the AEC industry, chances are you have heard of BIM. Infact, BIM has suddenly become a buzzword among professionals across engineering, architecture and construction fields. So what exactly is BIM? Well, BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and contrary to what most people think, it is a way of working rather… Continue reading BIM: A Quest to Digitize Construction

Innovations in the construction industry

The construction industry is going through some major disruptive changes. The role of technology is becoming increasingly important in an otherwise traditional industry.The industry which has been set in its ways is now geared towards adopting new technology, collaborative processes, and integrated contracts.  For example, the UK government is spearheading the modernisation of the sector,… Continue reading Innovations in the construction industry

Most liveable cities (and what that means for you)

I am a fan of cities and that means I regularly check annual city rankings by different sources. These rankings are meant to provide a comparison of cities along parameters that usually define liveability. A leading source of authority on this subject is the Economic Intelligence Unit which recently published the 2015 Global Liveability Ranking.… Continue reading Most liveable cities (and what that means for you)